Standley (GS) 12-0, 2-Pc Cup

Standley (GS) 12-0,
Stainless Steel 2-Pc Cup

#12 Bore
+0mm Shank
Standard Backbore
3/4 x 36 Giard. Threads

Item # gs-ss-2pc-12-0

Please Note: This cup requires a screw rim to be a complete mouthpiece.

An excellent all-round mouthpiece developed for Gene Standley. The cup is slightly S shaped and offers substantial cup volume for a full sound. The medium depth and efficient throat facilitate the upper range.

Giardinelli threads are standard. Cups with Lawson or PHC threads can be ordered by custom order only. Please contact us for further details.

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Standley (GS) 12-0, 2-Pc Cup