Horn Screw Shank - Studio Kits

We are now offering Studio Kits for players interested in trying our 3-piece mouthpieces. The Studio Kits are geared to help the player find the best shank that will create the mouthpiece that meets their playing needs.

Studio kits are available for each of the following model options: San Francisco (SF), Standley (GS & GSL), and JL. They are grouped by bore size, shank size, and backbore selection (SF models only). The Bloom (BL) model is available in the Master Kit only.

If you’re not sure where to start, we recommend you:

- Pick a Model (SF, GS, GSL, or JL)
- Find the shank size/external taper/receiver depth (use the bore or backbore sets)
- Find the right bore size (GS, GSL, JL, and BL models) (use the shank size sets)
- Find the right backbore (*SF model only* - use the shank size sets)

Once you figure out which shank(s) you would like to keep, you can return the remaining kits. All Studio Kits must be returned COMPLETE, with no shanks omitted. Our Trial Policy is stated here. If you are only interested in buying one shank or ordering a custom shank, please go here.

To view and/or download our Horn Spec. Sheet click here.

Horn Screw Shank - Studio Kits