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Stainless Steel Horn Screw Rims

Stainless Steel Horn Screw Rims

Item # horn-ss-screw-rims
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NOTE: Due to the fact that we offer hundreds of different rim options, we are unable to keep all of them in stock at the present time. Rims that will be sent out for coating, may take up to 3 weeks to ship. We will do everything we can to respond and fill orders as promptly and timely as possible. If you are are purchasing a coated rim, and would like more information on the availability on hand, or how long it will take to ship, please call Dave at 610.505.5924.

All of our rims join with cups having a .660 junction. If you are planning to use one of our rims with a cup having a different diameter, please contact us to discuss your options.

Whether a person has been playing 2 years or 30 years, brass allergies can occur at any point in one's career. What begins as a minor irritation can become debilitating relatively quickly. Our H-Kote rims and stainless underparts have helped to restore comfort and security to allergic players.

Stainless steel rims are available with H-Kote titanium nitride coatings in black or gold.

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Stainless Steel Horn Screw Rims