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These are just a few things our wonderful customers are saying about our mouthpieces:

"Beautifully made, wonderful response and intonation. The [french horn] shanks of different sizes really make a big difference!" - Ted Peters

"I owe so much of what I'm able to do to my good fortune in discovering your outstanding work and am very pleased to let others know of it." - Sim Flora, a proud owner of a Velocity 6.5 Trombone mouthpiece coated with Black H-Kote

"I've been playing on my new tuba Symphony/Small Helleberg mouthpiece all day...it does exactly as I hoped...gave my horn a more sonorous, velvety, "symphonic" sound, and I've also gained a lot in tonal clarity, articulation control, a more nuanced dynamic control, and the low register clarity, in both tonal centers and ease of articulation, is amazing! ... your mouthpiece is fantastic!

I now have a set of three...the Symphony, the Imperial, and the Solo models...all with the same rim...this saves me from buying three tubas...I can cover the tonal qualities and sonorities that are customary, from Wagner, to quintet playing, to Berlioz, low to high, with this mouthpiece grouping... currently, the majority of my playing is with brass quintets, and the Houser Imperial model suits me perfectly for this type of playing." - Scott Williams