Houghton H2 18.00mm (NON-STD)

Houghton H2 18mm (NON-STD) Stainless Steel Screw Rim

Item # h2-1800-ssrim

Please Note: This rim requires a screw cup to be a complete mouthpiece.

The Houghton line was designed by Mark Houghton and Derek Wright, of Houghton Horns. The line consists of 3 different models. All of the options come in stainless steel, with an emphasis on balance, focusing on the versatility and functionality that most modern players require. The line has a unique look with it's satin finish exterior and bright polished rims.

The Houghton H2 rim is a semi-flat, rounded rim based on a 1960’s era Giardinelli “wide rim”. The H2 rim is offered in our standard Giardinelli threading, and .660 junction, making it compatible with all of our standard Houser mouthpieces.

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Houghton H2 18.00mm (NON-STD)