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Screw Rims for Horn Mouthpieces

Rim Coating Notice-COVID-19:

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions in place, some of our suppliers are up and running but with skeleton crews. This may impact the availability of some H-Kote rims. We have many rims styles in stock, in both gold and black. If you order a specific color and it is out of stock, we will contact you for permission to substitute a different color, to wait, or to cancel. Please feel free to call or email in advance to check availability..

Our standard horn screw rims are available in stainless steel and are made with Giardinelli threads. (There is enough tolerance that they will also fit most cups with Lawson threading.) Stainless steel rims are additionally made available with H-Kote titanium nitride coatings in black or gold.

Delrin rims and rims with PHC threading will be made-to-order and will require more time to process and ship. Also, we are now offering very limited quantities of our standard rim options in brass with silver plating. We will do our best to stock them as we are able to.

Please Note: In efforts to keep up with the ever-changing trends and needs of our customers, we will occasionally update our offering of standard horn rim options. We will discontinue and add rims profiles/sizes as needed. Any rims that have been temporarily or newly discontinued may be found on the Limited Production page. Some of these we may continue to make, but only in small, limited quantities. For other options that we discontinue for the foreseeable future, the remaining stock can be found in the Sale section.

To view and/or download our Horn Spec. Sheet click here.

Screw Rims for Horn Mouthpieces