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Screw Shanks for Horn Mouthpieces

*** We are only offering horn screw shanks in the studio kits. The remaining single screw shanks that we currently have in stock will be listed individually in our Horn Sale Section (while supplies last).

Our horn screw shanks are available in Studio Kits!

Our screw shanks are model specific. For example, a San Francisco 3pc screw cup will only fit properly with SF screw shanks, not GS shanks. Each shank includes the lower portion of the cup to which it is associated. The shank also includes the bore (drill hole), the external taper (which determines the seating depth in the receiver), and backbore (internal taper). The player now has up to three variables at their disposal, to adapt the mouthpiece to their playing situation.

Since there is no "universal" horn receiver, our screw shanks give the player the ability to easily adjust the seating depth of the mouthpiece to optimize playing characteristics. The shanks have five external taper options, or shank sizes (0, 1, 2, 3, E) that allow the mouthpiece to be backed out of the receiver in 1 mm increments. There will be a "sweet spot", where the depth provides an improved response and possibly pitch. Generally, the best response is obtained when the tip of the mouthpiece is just inside the narrowest part of the receiver before the bore expands into the lead pipe.

The San Francisco model is the only cup model that allows you to select different backbore options. For all other cup models, one standard backbore is used.

To view and/or download our Horn Spec. Sheet click here.

Trial and Return Policy (All Studio Kits must be returned COMPLETE, with no shanks omitted.)

Screw Shanks for Horn Mouthpieces