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Stainless Steel Horn Screw Rims

Stainless Steel Horn Screw Rims
*Giardinelli STD Threading*

Item # horn-ss-screw-rims
Rim Coating:
Rim Style:

All of our rims join with cups having a .660 junction. If you are planning to use one of our rims with a cup having a different junction, please contact us to discuss your options.

H-KOTE Rims: Orders for coated rims may take additional time to ship, depending on whether they are in stock. We will do everything we can to respond and fill orders as promptly as possible. If you are interested in purchasing a coated rim and would like more information on the availability on hand, or how long it will take to ship, please email us at dave@housermouthpiece.net.

**We now offer the "L" rims that are accurate representation of the Laskey style rims. They are available in sizes from 17.5mm through 18.5mm in .25mm increments.

Please Note: In efforts to keep up with the ever-changing trends and needs of our customers, we will occasionally update our offering of standard horn rim options. We will discontinue and add rims profiles/sizes as needed.

Any rims that have been temporarily or newly discontinued may be found on the Limited Production page. Some of these we may continue to make, but only in small, limited quantities. For other options that we discontinue for the foreseeable future, the remaining stock can be found in the Sale section.

To view and/or download our Horn Spec. Sheet click here.

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Stainless Steel Horn Screw Rims