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SALE Items!

The Sale section is an opportunity to buy good, functional mouthpieces that have minor imperfections that keep us from selling them at full price!

*Please Note: All items in our Sale section are NON-REFUNDABLE.*

There are “scratch & dents” that have gotten a little beat up, mislabeled and/or have some aesthetic flaws, but still play great. We also will post “shop copies” that were used for testing and customer trials. These items will have aesthetic or finish issues only. There will also be “discontinued items”, that we no longer offer regularly on the website (our standard items). We always strive to offer what our customers need. To do that, we need to continually revise our offering to keep up with popular mouthpiece demands. The discontinued items posted here are what we have left in stock when we pull them from our standard item list. These items may be reinstated back to being offered on the website if there is enough demand, or not, there are no guarantees.

Items will have a full description of the product, along with individual pictures when necessary. There may be several of the same item available or only one, and the website will only allow you to order the quantity we have in stock. Items will be added as new pieces become available.

SALE Items!