Tuba Screw Rims - H-Kote

Stainless Tuba Screw Rims

Item # tuba-ss-screwrims-hkote

NOTE: Due to the fact that we offer many different rim options, we are unable to keep all of them in stock at the present time. Rims that will be sent out for coating, may take up to 4-6 weeks to ship (if we have the uncoated rim in stock). If you are are interested in purchasing a coated rim, and would like more information on the availability of a certain model, please call Dave at 610.505.5924 or email us at Dave@housermouthpiece.net.

For more information about our H-Kote titanium coatings for screw rims, please click here.

The Mouthpiece Ordnance, Sellmansberger and Parker lines are all designed with the same rim-cup junction, so that all of our rims will fit all of our cups.

We offer a broad selection of contours and sizes to fit as many faces to our products as is possible. Click here, to view and/or download our Tuba Spec. Sheet.

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Tuba Screw Rims - H-Kote